Bored Bananas

The Collection

Bored Bananas are minted for BAYC holders on the Ethereum Blockchain. This NFT accrues $BANANA tokens over time.

Start earning $BANANA tokens by hodling your Bored Bananas! Add token to wallet.

$BANANA Tokens

Automatic $BANANA token drops will be activated. Drops do not require gas and will automatically appear in Bored Banana owners' wallets over time.

What are we working on next?

Now we're working on a few ideas in collaboration with the community.

Community Designed NFT Drops

The artists in the Bored Bananas community have been working together to create a new NFT collection. Once that's ready they'll be available exclusively to Bored Banana owners.

Exclusive Game Access

We're building mini games just for registered Banana owners.

Bored Banana merch

We'll start creating Bored Banana merchandise and Bored Banana owners get first access.